Haiti Trips

Summer 2018 Trip Dates:

June 20-27 2018

June 26-July 3, 2018

July 2-July 9, 2018- Additional $100

Price is $1,150  plus the cost of flight. Payment Plan available. Every person that you get to sign up, you will receive a $50 credit towards your total cost of $1,150. Please make note that Round trip Flight departs from Las Vegas, Nevada. $1,150 includes In country Transportation, Lodging, Food (Lunch & Dinner In Country),  Excursions, translators, Project materials and training. Items not include breakfast, beverages, $10 entry fee into the country, transportation to and from home to departure airport,  baggage cost, passport cost, money for incidental expenses, snacks and souvenirs.

Call April to sign up 702-686-7056

 Have you always dreamed of traveling and serving in another country? Stop dreaming and come with us. Together we are powerful. Find yourself in service! 


Send us an E-mail at: Cuppcake29@gmail.com



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Join us in enriching the lives of those in need, Working on current projects, yummy food, lots of fun and beautiful beaches!