Build A Home

         Change a Families life forever. The cost to build a home is $3,500. You can donate here and you are also welcome to come build with us on our trip. Here are a few pictures.  The first picture is what is currently is used. The others are what we build.






Our current focus is to help heal the hearts and lives of those in Jacmel, Haiti. Also, within the community through empowerment classes, self reliant classes, goat program, Grow Boxes, sponsor a child’s schooling, give a dog a bone, community development and recreational programs.

Feed A Family


$74 per month will feed a family. Click on Feed A Family page for more details.

School Fees


$150 will give  support for a child to attend school, pay school fees, books fees and uniform.

Grow Boxes


                                             Grow Boxes provide food once it harvest.

  • Price per box $45
  • Produces food
  • Teaches Lessons (How to care for a garden)
  • Can sell for profit or trade

Goat Program  16472819_10211815401157697_2956858759104813580_n

Goats provide an incredible source of basic needs.

  • Price per goat $75
  • Produces milk to drink and sell
  • A kid (baby goat) can be sold
  • Provides food

Keeping Families Together


Approximately 50% of children are not enrolled in school. (World Bank 2013) About 30% of children attending Primary School will not make it to 3rd grade, while 60% will abandon school before 6th grade. (Unicef 2008) Poverty plays a huge role with this considering at least 59% of the population lives on less than $2 USD per day. (World Bank 2012) Many families work hard, yet still struggle to provide basic needs for their family as well as schooling for their children. In an effort to give their children a better life, many parents desperately and selflessly search for someone to take them in.  Helping to relieve families of the cost of schooling will push them one step closer to staying together.

  • $150 will cover an entire year of schooling for one child
  • Join us today to break the cycle!

Give A Dog A Bone


Give A dog a bone! All dogs need love and a bone. There are many street dogs who would love to receive a bone. You can make a difference by giving a small donation today. Click on the donate button below. Woof, Woof….. Thank You.

You make a difference.