Items collecting

These are items we are currently collecting:

Bear Creek Dried Soup Mixes

Soccer Balls and Pumps

Small soccer cones for goals


School Backpacks-  New or Used good condition is okay

Pens and Pencils- New

Pencil sharpeners

A&D ointment


Tylenol and Motrin No liquids Generic is fine

Pepto No liquid

Essential Oils

Veggie peelers

Hand can openers

Hot Pads

Hand Sanitizer Mini ones

Disposable Razors

Baby Onesies

School fees- $ Any amount School is not free in Haiti



Good working laptops (used good condition)

Unlocked cell phones (any brand used is fine) Must have a place for a sim card.

Light weight drawstring backpacks (See photo below)

Beef Jerky

Peanut Butter, no glass jars

Jam/Jelly, no glass jars

Granola bars

Fruit gummy snacks

Individual wrapped snacks (Very useful)

Reusable washable water bottles

Woman Underwear (All Sizes)

Men underwear (All sizes)

Children underwear (All sizes)

Clothe Diapers

Mini bars of soap

Wash clothes

Woman Bras (All Sizes)

Woman  pads- no liners

Black Church shoes (All Children sizes) Used for school

Ties (Men and boys)

Hammocks (Light weight only) See photo below

Sandals (Light weight, good condition) All Sizes

Matchbox Cars Used is okay

Small Barbies Used is okay

Hand/Finger puppets (Used is okay)

Crafts for 20 plus children

$40 Bag fee to take more donations

Walmart gift cards for board members to purchase supplies