About Us

Building, Motivating, Empowering and inspiring people from the inside out. Join us in our vision.


April Betti

April Betti is a loving Wife, mother of 4, and nana! She has been a talented realtor for seven years. Anyone who knows her know that she loves to stay healthy by exercising, eating healthy, and drinking green drinks and smoothies. She has always looked to and admired Mother Teresa as an example along with her Savior Jesus Christ and her grandmother. She loves to spend time with her family and traveling. She has been to many countries and orphanages. She is the founder of Hands Healing Hearts. April is full of compassion for others and is constantly looking for ways to serve others.


Emmanuel Lafortune


Emmanuel Lafortune is a native Haitian, a professional accountant, and enjoys spending time helping people. He is also good at planning and promoting good time management in everything he does. Emmanuel is serious about business and has taught himself many things like how to play the piano and sew. He has a great passion for soccer and music. His dream is to be a special person in the eyes of the community where he lives.

Nedra Keil



Neddy Keil is a strong single mother of three. Born in Alajuela, Costa Rica, and adopted at 18 months. She current works as a, Behavior Specialist in Sever Special Education. She is a dedicated and resourceful Humanitarian Aid Worker. Adept multitasker able to handle simultaneous high-pressure and volatile situations with professionalism and efficiency. Strong negotiation and presentation abilities in a variety of languages and cultural environments. Most important she makes you smile with her vivacious personality.

Jenika Bott
Board Member


Jenika Bott loves music and plays multiple different instruments! She works as a full time nanny and truly loves being around the children every day. The most important thing to her is being happy and spending time with the people she loves. She also loves to travel and learn about new cultures. Her idols and examples are her grandmother and Audrey Hepburn. Because of the opportunity to witness the hard circumstances of others at a young age, she is truly passionate about loving the children and helping to make a better life for them and for others.

Ryan and Courtney  McGlinchy
Board Members



Tiffany Huntsman
Committee Member

Tiffany was born and raised in Ohio. She moved to Las Vegas at 18 where she met her husband shortly after moving there. They are raising 10 wonderful children that they adopted from foster care. She has attended some nursing school, and is currently earning a bachelor’s in health care administration. She does volunteer work as a committee member on a foster care association for Clark County. She enjoys helping her community and trying to change the world even if it’s one person at a time. They enjoy having fun as a family and loves the outdoors.

Mission Statement

“Implementing and supporting projects that focus on the health, well-being and education of children and communities in poverty-stricken areas.”